As I was driving home tonight, Troop came on the radio ("spread my wings, and fly away, to a place that I loooong fooooor"), and I FREAKED OUT! I used to love that song and that group so I was car-dancing the whole way through the song.

And then I had a thought - could I date a guy who doesn't know Troop? Who doesn't remember when that song was hot? As a single Black female who's actively looking for a partner, I'm open to dating men outside of my race (BTW, 37-42 year old guys with a job and can treat a woman with respect, email me at

But I digress...

As I was saying, I'm open to the range of guys that I'll date (white, Black, Indian, Cablasian, etc.). But I now think that what I also need is a certain "type" of guy, regardless of the skin he's packaged in. A guy who , on top of being a great communicator, loving, honest and trustworthy, also knows and loves his old school (i.e. 1990s) R&B. I'd like a guy who has some similar memories as my own so that when that song comes on we can both think back to what we were doing when Troop #1. And when I dig out my 12 inch remix of Sheila E's "Glamorous Life", or the pre-crack Bobby Brown "Don't be cruel", I'd like my man to get as excited as I am at hearing them, and we can have a "remember when..." talk as the records play.

I guess Troop helped me see that regardless of his skin colour, the guy I'm looking for has an R&B soul and memories that we can relive together on those long car rides (or is at least open to listening to me relive my memories...and break into song when warranted).

So Black, White, Red, whateva. I'm open (hey, Remy Shand, I hear you're single now - email me).

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