This Month's White Man Crush

David Beckham is by far one of soccer’s (or its proper term, football) gorgeous players. He has turned his persona into a multi-billion dollar empire from cologne to underwear to clothing. He actually plays very little on the field anymore but he oozes sexiness and that sells. It also helps he has hot spice girl for a wife no doubt and best friends Katy Holmes and Tom Cruise. I had all but forgotten him (for all of an hour that is) until I saw him on the side lines at the World Cup game. He was looking quite dashing in his 3 piece grey suit. Funny enough the rest of the coaches and non-players wore the same 3 piece suit but it definitely stood out on David. Of course, like many celebrities he is not without fault. There had been talk of an indiscretion with a former nanny in the past and who knows what goes on those road trips. While making money is a necessary evil I think we all want to see him shine as he originally did… an athlete. When are you playing again David????

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