Interracial Movies

Last night I watched the ultimate in interracial movies – The Bodyguard. Aside for the bad Whitney acting and the airy theme and plot, I loved this movie. So I think back now on why do I love it. Could it be when it came out I was gaga over my high school sweetheart. He was bi-racial and my first introduction to anyone from a bi-racial family. His mother was white Canadian and his father a black man from Nigeria. He introduced me to a whole different world where his grandfather had taken more than 1 wife. I had never heard of such things. Of course I had to wonder if his father or even he would be interested in the same tradition? I never got my answer. I went away to college and he dumped me for not staying behind for him. I’m getting off track now. Back to the movie. I admire Whitney Houston’s singing ability and had the entire cd before the movie even came out. Kevin Costner isn’t too hard on the eyes either but I prefer them much younger. Overall, I think they did a great job convincing the audience of their romance. The movie didn’t centre around any awkward glares or what people might think of their relationship. I really liked that. It seemed natural. Maybe this was the cornerstone in the 90’s for encouraging interracial relationships. Who knew it would take a black woman belting out a Dolly Parton song to change the minds of many. Today I fine myself busting out the old Whitney songs from the Bodyguard and reminisce to those days of utter ignorance.

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