This Month's White Man Crush

Justin Timberlake.....need I say more! I decided to go a little old school. Ok not that old school a few years back. But I must say this man was one of my first true white man crushes who steered me away from the dark side. I love to dance and sing so a man who can do both as Mr. J.T. does rocks my world. I admire how much he loves his mother. I admire his addiction to longer term relationships. If you didn't know he is a monogamous whore when it comes to relationships. Pretty devout about not getting married but very quick to settle down and move in with his beloved. I think this is also why we are kindred spirits. I'm a lot like him in that respect. I believe in true love living together. Marriage is for some but not for others. Why break what isn't broken. Alas, Justin has lost some because of his lack of not commitment to marriage. I thought him and Cameron Diaz were the perfect couple. I am also a fan of older woman younger man. Maybe because I'm secretly a cougar. Hunter is younger than me. I like that. Back on track, why I fantasize about Justin Timberlake. He is cute, can dance better than me (very rare for me to say), he can sing love songs, he dumped Brittany(he is so much better than her) and best of all he has a hot bod! When it comes to the public and his career I feel he has conducted himself with a lot of respect and that includes his girlfriends. I credit that to his close relationship with his mother. Ladies this does not mean every guy close to his mother will treat you like gold. If his mother is crazy belive me he will treat you crazy. So take this piece of advice wisely. Pay attention to how a man treats his mom and how close they are but pay better attention to how the mom is. As for Justin I await the day he decides he wants to procreate. I don't need to sleep with him but would be a happy donor for his children. I think we would have gorgeous kids together :-)

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