Miss America 2010

The new Miss America is Caressa Cameron, the 7th African American woman to win the title. And unfortunately there are rumblings of criticism floating about, as has happened whenever a Black/African American "anything" takes top honours. In my cursory searches on the new queen-o-beauty south of the border, two issues that have generated discussion are her (1) lighter skin tone and (2) her straightened hair.

Re her skin tone, agreed that she's a lighter shade of Black (and both of her parents are Black as well). But did that influence her winning the crown...? I'd guess 'no'.

Re her hair - I've read the same old arguments that she's trying to be white, that she doesn't like her blackness which is reflected in her nappy roots, that in order to be seen as beautiful (in the contest and in daily life), she conformed to "white" standards and straightened her hair.

As far as I'm concerned both of these issues are mute points. The various shades that we as Black/African American women come in and the way we chose to wear our hair are all a part of the beauty that IS being Black. So instead just celebrate her win, chalk another one up for the team, or whatever you want to do. But don't hate.

Congratulations Caressa!

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