This Month's White Man Crush

If you don't know this man you need to. George St. Pierre fondly referred to as GSP is from a small town in Quebec. I first had my first crush on him a few years ago after seeing him fight and then his poise and soft spoken manner in interviews. Let me recap in case you don't know him. He is the Welterweight Champion of the UFC and yes I am a huge fan. He started out from a small middle class family and made his mother cry when he told their local bank that they would never pay for anything ever again. He would take care of every expense going forward. He has won countless fights but the thing that is so endearing about him is he is extremely humble. If you watch UFC you know the guys there for the most part are just there to fight. GSP on the other hand realizes it is a business and a career. He shows up at events and pre-events in a custom made suit. He spends hours answering questions. He does little to put down his opponent before the event in a publicity stunt. He simply let's his hands and wrestling do the talking about his talent. He is the reason I became a fan of the UFC. His fights are an orchestrated thing of beauty but I digress. So on this first week of Black history month, I tip my hat off to GSP after all he is into the interracial love if you didn't know. His girlfriends are usually Black and suits me just fine. GSP, let me know when you're single.....just kidding Hunter :-)

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