There's Something Not Quite White About Her...

As the product of an interracial relationship, I can say that there are a lot fewer raised eyebrows today than there were when I was a kid. Maybe it was the Benetton ads? Maybe racism is on the decline? I'm American, and I'm half Japanese and half white. Maybe for the particular brand of racism I grew up with is just dying because all the people that were around when they were herding Japanese Americans off to the internment camps are all sitting in old folks homes and I just don't see it anymore. It could be that people just think I look French. Either way, being bi-racial is just not as exotic as it once was, and that suits me just fine. My seven year old niece is half white, one quarter Japanese and one quarter Mexican. She's got long, curly hair and almond shaped green eyes. Seriously, who can be mad at that? So here's my question, why is it that multiracial kids are generally more accepted now than they were, say twenty years ago, but interracial relationships still get a double take? I mean, people do realize there's a connection there, right?

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