Would America have accepted Barack Obama if Michelle Obama were white?

One year ago this week, Barack Obama the 44th President of the United States of America, first black man elected to lead the free world took the oath of office with his wife Michelle by his side. I can still picture that beautiful scene, ahhhhh….but wait! What if Michelle was not a dark-skinned black woman but rather a blonde hair, blue eyed white woman? Would President Obama be president today? My answer would be…ummmm, likely not! I’ll tell you why I think so. Let me preface this by saying that I’m obsessed with American politics but that’s really neither here nor there. And I’ll also say that I’m going to be generalizing. I am in no way saying that these blocks would have voted monolithically or that there wouldn’t be exceptions. In any case…I think Obama wouldn’t have been elected because he would have lost some of the support of two populations that he needed to win.

Black Females and White Males.

As you will probably see discussed on this blog numerous times, many black women have some “issues” with black men dating and/or marrying white women. The notion that black men tend to choose white women because they are more agreeable, more generous and overall are less stressful then black women to deal with rub black women the wrong way! We can get into other reasons and the merit of them on another post. This is especially rampant in celebrity circles when black men become successful and wealthy. If Michelle were white, fairly or unfairly, I think the average black woman would have been offended, okay maybe not offended, let’s say disappointed. The most powerful man in the world, first black president and his wife is white! *Sigh* I know some of us like to think that Obama was elected because he was the best candidate and his proposed policies were best for that country and that may be true but I think we know that many other factors came into play when people were making a decision of this importance. I think that some people in part used the “feel good” factors or gut instinct. You know; the fact that he is attractive, educated and articulate with a beautiful black wife and adorable black children that he treasures. Those factors were/are a huge advantage for him. With his campaign, election and governing over the past year, President Obama has yet to and may never bring America together but I believe he has already done a lot for the perception of black families and black love. And that is a “feel good” factor, especially for black women. That being said, if Michelle were white, all that may have changed.

There has been some history in American politics about insinuations of interracial relationships derailing black male candidates’ campaigns. Who was driving that message? White men (because they own all the major mainstream media outlets and decide what is communicated and majority of the politicians in the U.S. are white males). If Michelle were white, I believe some white men would have been quite uncomfortable with that. I think it was a plus for Obama that his mother and grandparents were white but if it were his wife?? That might have been a little bit too much for some to swallow…just sayin! Remember a lot of people vote with their gut or vote for the guy they’d “like to have a beer with”. Would a majority of white men have been comfortable with the interracial Obama’s sitting at their kitchen table? I think…not so much! Now as a black woman I can only speculate on why I think this might be so for white men and I could be wrong. Maybe they wouldn’t have wanted the first family to serve as a symbol, maybe encouraging more interracial relationships? Maybe it would have been the fear of the melting pot and the “interracial children” continuing the slow disappearance of the white race? Maybe it would have had to do with jealously over the black man’s “sexual prowess”? Whatever the reason would have been, I can almost assure you there would have been some apprehension felt, especially for white men in the Southern states and in the “blue collar” population.

America took a huge step in electing their first black president and first family…now would that have happened if his wife were white?? In my opinion, likely not!

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