So what are you?

Fielding comments about being mixed-race is something that I've encountered since I was a child. And the issue that I choose to look at isn't the question of "which one of your parents is white" (neither, both are black but like many blacks we have 'white' somewhere in our family history), but instead "why does it matter?".

I question why some people feel the need to categorize or compartmentalize people or things (e.g. cultures), so that they feel more comfortable. And I can understand that doing this puts things in the realm of the familiar, but I also feel that it's important to look beyond these habits and look to the person as just that. A person that has individual and different experiences from yours and from what you know. So just because you may look at me and not readily be able to label me in a certain way, realize that it really doesn't matter. Whether black, white (or black and white), you don't need to know where I come from or what my background is. Instead, just accept it (or don't), get to know me (or don't), and go on living your life as best you can. We all have differences and it's these that can bring us closer if we choose to go this route.

On my end, I choose not to deal with your curiosity if I don't want to. So people can ask and depending on the day, my answers will vary. But when it comes down to it, who I am is much bigger than what you see at first glance. And that's what I hope others will see as the real issue.

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