Why it is OK if my daughter dates a white guy but not if my son dates a white girl…….

I know – I hear the some really angry voices by just my topic. Some people are saying I have double standards. The truth be known – yes I do have double standards and I am proud of it. Let’s just get this into context. I only have one biological daughter (age 5 and should not be dating anyone yet every week comes home and tells me about a new boy she is going to marry!). One stepson age 20 (yes- the one who has written off black girls) and one stepdaughter age 16 (not sure which court she will be playing in yet).

Let’s just look at the case of why it is OK if my daughter/step daughter marries a white guy…..

I live in Ontario and for every 20 guys dating a white girl – you come across one white guy dating a black girl. Since the average WASP male will find attractive the stereotypical media image of beautiful- white/thin/possibly blond/no butt (OK my personal jab) – you know he has gone out his comfort zone to date a black girl and she must have some extra special qualities that he found personally attractive. From my own personal experiences of white guys with my own black female friends – those men have treated their women with more reverence and sacredness. I know some people are saying I am generalizing but I did disclaim that statement by saying MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. I have surrounded myself by fabulous black women and for the life of me I can’t figure out why there are not enough decent black men for them to date so if they want to “go there” – I open the door to them.

ON THE OTHER HAND – we can find plethora of white girls who will (and some only) date black guys. I have a problem with any race of people who will only date one particular race of people that is not their own. Do you have some issues with own race or some self hatred that needs to be addressed? I digress….

My experience with this group of girls who do this is that tend to be trying to be something they are not nor will ever understand. It is one thing to date a black man. It is another thing to play a stereotypical role of a black woman when you are white. Also – as Anya mentioned in her previous commentaries – we have come across so many white girls who thought it was cool or rebellious. To them – black men are like leather jackets to be utilized until no longer needed or have gone out of style. I am sorry – in my eyes there are too many eligible black bachelorettes who white guys won’t touch with a 10 foot pole and the black man has turned their back on. The issue of why eligible black men in Ontario are turning their back on these women is a topic to be explored in another type of blog. All I can say that is in Canada that this happens at much higher rate than in the US.

Finally – Moms admit it – right or wrong – you want your son to be with someone who is like you. They should have the same values/morals and even background. You want to make sure that the care you offered your son is going to be continued in trustworthy hands. He needs his curry chicken – he does not like wieners/ mac and cheese (personal jab #2). In my mind there are dozens of worthy black girls out there deserving of my son

All that being said – I will be happy no matter who any of my kids choose to be with as long as they treat them like the kings and queens they are in my eyes. Just along as my son marries black………LOL!

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