This Month's White Man Crush

Now don't get me wrong ladies. I love Hunter and wouldn't think of ever trading him in. At first glance Jay is not my type. I like younger man, a full head of hair and quite a bit of muscle. Jay is anything but any of these. So why you ask is he my white man crush this week? I had the pleasure of seeing Jay live in the flesh at a Raptors breakfast this weekend. He was extremely well spoken and articulate. He didn't have much prepared but he spoke as if it came with the same ease and ability of an Obama speech. There was a question period that followed. At first I imagined a bunch of ignorant and stupid questions but everyone with the exception of 1 stupid guy asking about the Raptor defense (but not making much sense). Jay impressed me and everyone in the room. He had a genuine yet authoritative way about him. He spoke to all as if he was speaking to you directly. You felt a connection just based on your love of basketball and your yearning for the Raptors to win. After question period we were treated to viewing a Raptor practice. While I am a basketball fan, this would have made any non-believer a believer and fan of the Raptors. Once in the stadium watching the practice I thought this is much like the interracial life. Me enjoying it with my interracial better half. The Raptors comprising of black, white and many other ethnicities and cultures. I was then however saddened to notice during the warm up the teams lined up. Blacks on one side and whites on the other. Perhaps I was overreacting. After all, the practice then continued and the teams were mixed. Everyone seemed to be working hard but joking around at the same time enjoying each others company. In the end I took it for what it was worth, a nice morning adventure with Hunter we may never experience again. I am happy we went eventhough it was 7:30am! Hunter spoke of it like a kid in a candy store for the rest of the day. By the way, basketball is the only game I can beat Hunter at. Who knew?

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