Help - My Stepson age 20 has written off black women!

I am 36 and my stepson age 20 who attends College currently resides with me. Both my husband and I are black, along with his biological mother. This is not a solution, complaint or defense of the issue – rather a simple commentary of the situation.

We have had many arguments, discussions and pleading for change on this issue in my house and to date this statement still stands true.

This is my stepson’s logic for his actions: The black girls who he knows are loud, obnoxious, and “ghetto”. My stepson does not dress like the stereotypical young black male so the girls think he is not tough enough. The black girls are all about what you can do for them. Although he does not admit it – I think he is not physically attracted to them as well.

This burns me to the core every time we discuss. I am an educated black women and every one of my black female friends is educated, refined, raised with good values and a sense of family. I didn’t go out looking for these friends. These are the people I naturally gravitated to and surrounded myself with because we have similar interests, backgrounds and values. Why is it with no effort I found these black women to be my friends but he can’t seem to find NOT ONE black woman who fits into any of these categories.
His argument (and my husband supports this argument) is that the black women of this generation are a different breed. My friends and I are of a dying breed of black women.

My husband’s argument (and I am not buying it) is that my stepson’s tumultuous relationship with his biological mother has turned him off pursuing any relationship with black women.

My stepson’s only attraction now is for women/ girls of Latin background. That to me has to do with the over sexualizing of Latin women on television.

Do I believe in my heart that when he gets older he will change and find a nice black girl to settle down and marry – ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!

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