Search "Why are" in Google

For some reason I started a search today that I thought was pretty shocking to say, but I found myself kinda laughing out of pure shock. I went to the trusty google search box that I have at the top of my web browser of choice Firefox. I started to type in Why Are. I actually forget why I was looking but as most of you know google starts to auto-populate sometimes to help Guide You to find what you are looking for.
The top hit was

Why are black people so loud
Really, is that what most people google for and its that popular? A stereotype is leading the way in google seach? The results below that were Why are yawns contagious, why are Michael Jacksons kids white, why are we in Afganistan followed fifth by why are the Kardashians famous. So looking at these top five results I can atleast feel better that interracial discussions are what some people are thinking, but seriously......try it
UPDATE: Ok I tried to get a screen shot of this. When I tried it from I had another laugh, the top one was Why are Canadians Afraid of the Dark.....

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