Can I be mad?

Today I want to speak about children of interracial celebrity couples. More specifically Justin Dior Combs. If you haven't heard in the news, his father P. Diddy threw a lavish sweet sixteen party for him at a NY night club over the weekend and gave him a Maybach worth $350,0000US? Yes, this amount of money is a small drop in the bucket for P. Diddy. Yes, most celebrities buy their kids outrageous things be it they are interracial, white or green for that matter. I guess what upsets me most is that a cheque for $10,000 was given to Justin to donate to Haiti. Really, really, really! Is this the message we want to send to our wealthy youth today? Yes at least SOMETHING was sent to Haiti but it is almost insulting to think how much compared to what he received for his birthday. I know there has been many fundraisers and events for the relief of Haiti and life must still go on after the aftermath of Haiti but must it be so blatant? Maybe its' naive of me to think that Justin should have auctioned off the car and donate the proceeds to Haiti? Maybe its' unrealistic for me to think this is the only effort P.Diddy has made to support the quake in Haiti?

On a further note, I have a big monumental birthday coming up next week. Should I forget what is happening in Haiti and expect gifts or should I insist everyone focuses on the greater good of the world? You decide.

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