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Let me introduce myself. My name is Anya and I write I am a black woman in a relationship with a white man for the last 6 years. We are actually engaged and from time to time you’ll hear his input as well. I decided to take my interest in interracial matters to the internet. Over my lifetime I have been in several interracial and same race relationships as well as had many friends and family from multi and bi-racial relationships. I was born and raised in Canada but to my surprise when I moved to the Barbados (a predominantly black country) I met the man of my dreams who was anything but black. Many people have questions, concerns and just plain curiosity surrounding interracial relationships and just how they differ or seem the same as others. I can definitely help as I discuss themes from common misconceptions to resolving conflicts to how to deal with crazy curly hair. I am a chartered accountant by profession therefore you may see my calculated logic flow to my advice and discussions. You can contact me via email at

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