Hi I'm Anya as in "Good-on-ya"?

Was the first sentence I heard from the woman that I would later ask to marry me. Not really the story I would be expect to be telling my future kids like an episode of "How I Met You Mother", but none the less, it is the real story. Fast forward to the "I think we should move in together" talk...started by me, fast forward to the "Will you marry me?" again my words, we have come a long way in our relationship. For the most part I'd say its pretty easy, since we like a lot of the same things, hold most of the same values and have a passion for life and experiences. As many relationships, there are issues and ups and downs but everyone has these. I'm sure you will hear about them from time to time, but I think our biggest fight is who is the hotter one in the relationship! Marsha is the driving force on this blog, but I will put my 2 cents in now and then.

Please comment and voice your opinions on this blog. It is meant to serve as a spot for people to gain information, share views, have a laugh, and discuss issues around interracial issues.

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