Evolution of Interracial Relationships

A common theme I heard in my teenage years and throughout my twenties was “Black Men don’t like to deal with Black Women because of their attitude”. It was noted you could see a black man roll into the club in his white girl’s (or I should say her Daddy’s new SUV), she would pay for all the drinks and food and pay his rent and utility bills while she enjoyed the luxury of living at home and collecting her fat allowance. Black women were definitely irate but unwilling to change. They would not put up with being someone’s sugar mama. And they were not afraid to voice their disgust. Then the attitude seemingly got worse, increasing the disconnect. Black women would pass up brothers who now wanted to be with a black woman. Is punishing the black men necessary? Perhaps the Black Men wanted to sew their wild oats (as many men do) and then settle down with a nice black woman they could take home to mom. Perhaps the white girlfriend wanted to rebel against her controlling father by bringing home the dark skinned man from next door. This then opened the door for the White male market to tap into the Black Woman market. Feeling unappreciated the Black woman went out and sought out other options. It was all too easy as White men had much of the same situation giving rise to an increase of interracial relationships and marriages.

What is your take on the evolution of interracial relationships?

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